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IoT Plastic Pallets
for Smart Logistics

A complete IoT solution to connect your assets' network!


The pallet is physically modeled based on your needs and specifications. We offer various features and quality as well as personalization. Your pallet is industrially produced,professionally prepared and once delivered, it will last for 5 years.


The activated pallets are available in your digital interface. From there, you may control everything! You can visualize data and set up the alerts depending on your business needs. Most used features are anti-theft, delay, asset fall, temperature among others


By offering pallets’ customization and production but also the digital interface to manage them, we decided to handle the support to our clients. One problem, may it be hardware, software, plastic, you just have to contact your one and only partner, us…

GEOPALLET is Tailormade for You

Thanks to our partners and the ability to finetune our solution to your business needs, you will integrate the IoT solution that suits your objectives & tackles your challenges.

Also, it is really convenient to have a one and the only interlocutor when your business highly relies on a functional logistics network. Having to contact a ton of partners to know where is your asset and when will it arrive and if anything happened during the transportation is a really daily pain for thousands of employees worldwide and represent a gigantic yearly overall cost for businesses…

Our best features

but not all of them!

We rely on the most efficient IoT network, thus we offer a 24/7 traceability. With the lowest roaming costs available, it possible to track and trace any assets, anywhere and at any time.
With our industrial partner, we focused on durability and integrated the IoT inside the plastic pallet. Hence that our pallet offers a 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage all over the world.
If we offer a 5 years guarantee, we also offer some cash back for companies willing to recycle and order new ones at a better price. The ecology is important and should be encouraged, no?
Being informed when your asset is moved, crashed or worst stolen should be feasible today. We decided to offer these features for the same price, no hidden costs or new pricing.
Since pallets may be localized inside your facility, we offer the possibility to have a 3D rendering of the warehouse. Looking for your asset will be like a child’s play…
Having to compare digital inventory with the assets inside the facility can be a real pain sometimes. With the IoT, it becomes really easy and super fast thanks to the One-Click feature.

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Partners? Only the best!

We rely on an industrial partner for the pallets’ production. We decided to focus on our core added-value, the IoT! Thanks to this partnership, you benefit from two specialist in their respective line of work.

Regarding Telco features, we rely only on the best IoT networks available, being
NB-IoT & LTEM. Thanks to Vodafone, we are operational on a worldwide level! And we can only keep growing!

Top Use-Cases for GEOPALLET

We foresee 4 main markets where the solution could bring enormous added-value.

1. Delivery businesses
2. Logistic businesses
3. Pallets’ Manufacturer or Renter
4. Added-value goods Manufacturer

Integrating GEOPALLET in these business segments will offer many new services but also save tons of money…

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